By, Monilee Keller, VP of Product Management

Technical Corner. In this month’s edition, we’ll cover the following key topics: Securing the channel spotlight, new commerce experience in CSP, membership, introducing the Surface Reseller Alliance Program, Co-sell, Microsoft commercial marketplace, and Partner Center roadmap.

Zero Trust Security remains our utmost priority. In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring the safety of our systems, data, and interactions has never been more crucial. This edition takes a deep dive into the various ways in which we are actively addressing and enhancing security measures in Partner Center to provide you with valuable insights and updates.

In July, we restarted the Microsoft-led delegated admin privileges (DAP) to granular delegated admin privileges (GDAP) migration. Based on partner feedback, we added the Global Reader” role to the GDAP roles list in May 2023. We highly recommend that you test the Microsoft-led created GDAPs, and if required, create another GDAP relationship with the additional required Azure Active Directory (AAD) roles before the DAPs are removed for a smoother transition. We are actively working on addressing DAP-to-GDAP parity features.

We continue to recommend partners self-migrate to GDAP using the bulk tool to remove DAPs and test their use cases with GDAP. Starting September 25, 2023, Microsoft will no longer grant DAP for new customer creation and will instead grant default GDAP roles.

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