Attaining new technical skills takes time, and having a community of fellow learners to lean on can make a big difference. That’s why Microsoft Q&A offers unique opportunities to engage with peers and Microsoft experts for technical insights and guidance 

The Microsoft Q&A platform lets you submit specific technical questions and receive answers directly from Microsoft developers, engineers, and other industry and community experts (see a sample Q&A dialogue here). As part of our commitment to establishing a robust and engaged community of active learners, Microsoft Q&A now offers new enhancements that help bridge the gap between technical professionals, Microsoft employees, and customers 

Some of the most recent enhancements to Microsoft Q&A include: 

  • A more intuitive interface and updated rich-web editor.  
  • The ability to rate and review answers (to help you surface the most valuable and relevant responses quickly). 
  • Search integration with Microsoft Learn for a broader database of resources related to specific inquiries. 
  • The ability to share helpful answers on social media more easily. 
  • Streamlined and simplified moderator tools. 

Check the release notes for specific details about the most recent Microsoft Q&A changes. 

Best of all, Microsoft Q&A in combination with Tech Community and the all-new community learning rooms offer unique benefits focused on your learning style and skilling goals. Whether you’re looking to solve complex technical problems or seeking support in your learning journey, the Microsoft Learn Community has a place for you. 

Get the support you need while skilling up with Microsoft Q&A. 

Explore the Microsoft Learn Community.