Laura Longcore – Vice President, Microsoft Worldwide Learning

Microsoft Learn is passionate about helping our community achieve more and open new possibilities through learning and gaining new skills. We’re more likely to achieve our goals and make dreams a reality when we have the support we need. From that inspiration, we’re excited to introduce our enhanced Microsoft Learn Community, a collection of experiences offering you a variety of ways to connect and engage with other learners and technical experts. We’re all here to support each other in our learning journey, and these community engagements offer more ways for you to increase expertise on the topics that matter most to you and achieve career goals. You’re at the heart of our community, and we welcome everyone to join, learn, and grow.

Empowering learning through connection           

Choose your Microsoft Learn Community experience: Tech Community, Microsoft Q&A, and all-new learning rooms. Together they offer a comprehensive approach to community and present unique benefits depending on your learning style and skilling goals. All our experiences are supported by Microsoft Learn experts, who have verified technical and training expertise, are passionate about the community, and can offer unique knowledge to help you achieve your career goals.

  • Tech Community: Get the latest updates on Microsoft Learn news, connect with experts, and be a part of the conversation at the Microsoft Learn hub on Tech Community. If you want to ask a question, start a conversation about Microsoft Learn, get clarity on which path to take, or what certification to explore next, this is the right place for you.
  • Microsoft Q&A: If you’re seeking a technical answer, you can find it here. Microsoft Q&A helps you easily get answers to your technical questions from Microsoft engineering and community experts. Be sure to check out the new features and enhancements we’ve recently made to this platform.
  • Learning rooms: Today we’re introducing learning rooms, a new space to find connections with experts and peers. Facilitated by Microsoft Learn experts, learning rooms are designed to offer you a dedicated and safe environment where you can directly engage with an expert and dive into topic-specific questions via asynchronous discussions and virtual sessions.

Microsoft Learn Community experiences

For the community, by the community

We’re also excited to announce the new Community Perspectives blog series. You’re invited to explore these blogs written by community leaders, offering fresh perspectives and insights you can apply to your own learning and career journey. This blog series will feature guidance and advice, including exam tips and tricks, study recommendations, and best practices related to training and certification. Stay tuned for the first blog in this series launching in early April.

The Microsoft Learn Community is here for you

Sometimes we all need a little help and support when trying to reach our learning goals and get to the next level in our career. We want to provide the connected resources you need, when you need them. It’s important to know that you are part of a technical community that supports each other. Who knows—the person next to you could have the same question, or you could have the answer they’re looking for. We’re all in this together, and we’re excited to be a part of your learning growth and success!  

Whether you choose one path, or all of them, these connections and experiences are ready for you, to meet you where you are, and support your learning journey.


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