The threat of cybercrime is ever-present across the digital landscape, and security becomes more complex for your customers year on year. Digital environments are increasingly distributed and disconnected. And siloed security solutions could be leaving gaps in protection and increase costs. Your customers need solutions that work together to deliver integrated protection and coordinated detection and response. 

As a Microsoft partner, you can leverage a six-week customizable campaign that highlights for your clients the benefits of defending against cybersecurity threats with Microsoft Security solutions. 

With Microsoft Sentinel and Defender XDR, you have a fully integrated solution that enables defenders to detect, investigate, respond to, and defend against cyberthreats in real time across the entire digital estate. Integrated SIEM and XDR supercharges threat detection and response by unifying disparate security tools and automating cross-domain tasks to drive better security outcomes and accelerate response times across complex multiplatform, multicloud digital estates. 

See the security campaigns available at the Microsoft Partner Center and at Digital Marketing Content OnDemand (DMC) to start strengthening your clients’ defense posture today!

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