As previously announced in July 2023, Microsoft will begin migrating all Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) commercial subscriptions that remain in the legacy system to new commerce in January 2024.

All legacy subscriptions that Microsoft migrates to new commerce will be set to an annual term with the same billing plan and seat counts that the customers had in legacy. This Microsoft-led migration will occur on the date of subscription renewal, starting with all subscriptions set to renew on January 11, 2024 and continuing throughout the 2024 calendar year. Partners will have seven days after migration is complete to change the subscription term, quantity or cancel the subscription if necessary.

We recommend that partners manage their customers’ migrations now to ensure the customer has the terms that best suit their business needs. If customers want monthly subscription terms, partners should migrate them before the legacy subscriptions reach end of term in 2024. In addition to setting customized terms with customers, proactive migration also gives partners the opportunity to socialize this change with indirect resellers and others in the partner’s ecosystem.  

Most Microsoft 365, Office 365, Security and Dynamics 365 commercial offers are currently available in new commerce. Partners can find the current list of CSP legacy offers available for new commerce in the Partner Center pricing workspace. Over the course of calendar year 2024, Microsoft will share the timeline for migration of all other remaining CSP legacy offers, including multi-year offers. Our intent is to ensure a Microsoft-led migration path for each CSP legacy offer at the time of customer renewal, starting with renewal dates in 2024 and beyond. 

Resources to help partners migrate customers to new commerce

To support partners with their migration, Microsoft will run CSP Technical Training and CSP Spotlight calls in the months of October, November, and December. These sessions will give partners the opportunity to learn about migration details from Microsoft experts. Documentation is also available to assist partners who plan to drive their customers’ migrations themselves. Partners can review the Migrate subscriptions to new commerce article on Microsoft Learn and the other how-to documentation in the Resources section below, to complete customer migrations themselves.  

Update on new commerce timeline for CSP GCC, education and nonprofit legacy offers

In July, Microsoft announced that CSP legacy Public Sector offers for Government Community Cloud (GCC), education and nonprofit would be available in CSP new commerce in November 2023. However, we have received feedback from partners that making system changes at the end of the calendar year would be difficult. To avoid business disruption for partners, we will launch Public Sector offers in new commerce and begin Microsoft-led migrations of Public Sector offers in calendar year 2024. We will provide an update on the revised timeline for both launches soon.

Next Steps:

  • Take action before January 2024 to start migrating your customers to new commerce. You can find how-to documentation hereThis is especially important if your customers want monthly terms instead of annual terms. Learn how to use the batch migration (BAM) tool here.
  • Find out how to earn partner incentives through the Microsoft Commerce Incentives (MCI) program. Download the Partner Incentives Guide here, and sign into the Partner Incentives page to enroll.
  • Attend learning sessions to get migration guidance from Microsoft experts: CSP Spotlight calls and technical training.


Migrate subscriptions to new commerce

Migrate subscriptions to new commerce experience using the batch migration tool (BAM)

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