We’ve just released new easy-to-use marketing assets, tools, and branding resources to drive demand for your partner solutions. From Azure to Modern Work, Security and Business Applications, these marketing campaigns will help your partners build their own multi-channel marketing campaigns that highlights the benefits of all these Solution Plays.


Partners can choose from highly customizable campaigns in Partner Marketing Center (PMC) that can be integrated into your partner’s sales and marketing engines or find our automated campaigns through the Digital Marketing Content OnDemand (DMC) platform. We recommend sharing these campaigns with your reseller partners to help them generate customer demand for mainstream Solution Plays.


Explore campaigns that drive demand:


SMB Collection.

Encourage partners to leverage marketing content aligned to FY24 Solution Plays designed to target small and medium sized business customers across Azure, Business Applications and Modern Work.

Download campaigns | Solution Area Partner Marketing Campaigns for SMB (microsoft.com)


Migrate and Secure Windows Server and SQL Server SMB

Drive awareness, generate leads, and initiate sales engagement opportunities for migrating and securing Windows Server and SQL Server workloads for SMBs on Azure.

Download campaign assets


Secure Productivity for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMB)

Grow and expand your Microsoft 365 revenue by giving your customers the ability to run their business from anywhere with a secure, comprehensive, AI-powered cloud solution.
Download campaign assets


Acquire new customers with Teams

Accelerate sales providing small and medium-sized businesses with support to start making immediate improvements with an affordable, full featured solution..

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Maximize Sales Impact with Dynamics 365 (SMB)

Accelerate sales with your SMB customers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Download campaign assets


Dynamics 365 Business Central for SMB

Generate demand for your Business Central solution with this automated marketing campaign

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Smart Workplace with Teams

Drive leads by showing customers how Microsoft Teams enables hybrid work with integrated communication and collaboration.

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Secure Productivity SMC/ENT

Drive migration to Microsoft 365 and upsell/cross-sell to capture new revenue streams, increase customer lifetime value, and boost profitability

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Data & AI marketing campaigns

Build your own multi-channel marketing campaign that highlights the benefits of Data & AI Solutions.

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Digital & App Innovation marketing campaigns

Build your own multi-channel marketing campaign that highlights the benefits of Digital and Applications Innovation Solutions.

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