By Stephanie Rice, Worldwide Sr. Lead, Privacy/Compliance – AWS
By Thierno Diallo, Partner Solutions Architect – AWS
By Joanne Moore, Sr. AWS Specialization Programs Launch Manager – AWS

Cyber insurance provides businesses the resources and capital to recover from a security event, like Ransomware or data leakage. Historically, cyber insurance has primarily benefited enterprises that have the internal resources to complete a traditional application process.

For organizations with fewer resources, such as Small and Medium Businesses (SMB), getting comprehensive cyber insurance can be challenging—as they struggle to navigate different plans and coverage options, gather the information requested, and answer a myriad of questions. Businesses can also get lost in the pages of attestations and how they apply to their Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments.

In addition, SMBs often lack the resources and security expertise to improve their defenses to reduce attacks with the same capabilities that large companies do. These customers need help in presenting a strong security posture to reduce the likelihood of a security event, while still needing resources in case of such event.

To support this need, we’re excited to announce the AWS Cyber Insurance Competency, which makes it easy for customers—particularly SMBs—to find affordable policies from insurers that integrate their security posture assessment through a new, simplified customer experience with AWS Security Hub.

AWS Cyber Insurance Competency Partners worked with AWS to digitally transform their assessment and onboarding process, which rewards customers that present a security posture following AWS best practices; similar to “safe-driver” discounts.

Leveraging an AWS Security Hub assessment that scans against AWS Foundational Best Practices Framework, customers provide the results to insurance providers, which present them with a price for coverage and steps to proactively lower their rate. This model benefits customers who work at adopting security best practices.

From enabling an AWS security service like Amazon GuardDuty to monitor for malicious activity and unauthorized behavior, to deploying a third-party security offering in AWS Marketplace to protect their devices, customers receive the expert guidance needed to be more secure.

AWS Cyber Insurance Competency Partners provide cyber insurance pricing estimates within two business days so customers can quickly find the security and recovery coverage they need.

Having the backing of a trusted insurer allows smaller companies to convey with confidence the resiliency and security that their own customers demand of them.

Launch Partner Showcase

The AWS Competency Program is designed to highlight AWS Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas.

We invite you to explore the AWS Cyber Insurance Competency Partner offerings recommended by AWS:

At-Bay Cyber Insurance
At-Bay brings security and insurance together—an approach they call InsurSec—to reduce risk for customers, providing end-to-end protection for modern businesses. They do this by combining world-class technology with industry-leading insurance and security expertise into the customer’s insurance policy. Taking the AWS Security Hub information into consideration gives them deeper insights into your cyber risk, allowing them to customize coverage for your business.

Cowbell Cyber Insurance
A pioneer of Adaptive Cyber Insurance, Cowbell is a leader in providing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) coverage adaptable to today’s and tomorrow’s threats and the advanced warning of cyber risk exposures. In its unique AI-based approach in risk selection and pricing, Cowbell’s continuous underwriting platform, powered by Cowbell Factors, compresses the insurance process from submission to issue in less than 5 minutes.

Marsh Cyber Accelerate
As the world’s largest insurance broker, Marsh simplifies the cyber insurance procurement for SMBs. Complete a streamlined digital application to receive quotes from a marketplace of insurance carriers. Marsh Cyber Accelerate is backed by the experience and expertise of their global insurance brokerage, offering ‘best for you’ solutions. Premium discounts are available for AWS customers, depending on enabled cybersecurity controls and utilization of AWS Security Hub.

Measured Cyber Insurance for Small Medium Enterprises
Beyond providing cyber insurance, Measured Analytics and Insurance lights the path to confidence and security for AWS customers. They offer practical answers and innovative cyber insurance solutions for small and medium businesses seeking to manage enterprise cyber risks.

Resilience Cyber Resilience with AWS Controls Monitoring
Resilience’s cyber risk solution helps risk, security, and financial leaders connect their current cybersecurity practices and cyber hygiene to insurance. By connecting AWS Security Hub with Resilience’s financially-proven AI platform, organizations can continuously improve their cyber resilience and become eligible for insurance policy enhancements.

Customers: Learn about AWS Competency Partners

AWS Cyber Insurance Competency Partners offer no-cost security checkups and standard and tailored cyber insurance policies to support customers in case of a security event. With AWS Cyber Insurance Competency Partners, customers will find an all-new cyber-insurance process with automated quoting and onboarding steps, beginning with security scans conducted online as a service.

Reach out to an AWS Cyber Insurance Competency Partner to request a quote.

Partners: Become an AWS Competency Partner

AWS Partners that provide cyber insurance can learn more about becoming an AWS Competency Partner.

In addition to AWS Competency Program benefits, AWS Cyber Insurance Competency Partners receive a lead generating webinar hosted by BrightTALK. To learn more, review the AWS Specialization Program Benefits Guide (login required).

AWS Partners looking to get their cyber insurance offering validated through the AWS Competency Program must be validated or differentiated members of the Services Path prior to applying.

To apply, review the Program Guide and application in AWS Partner Central (login required).