By Anthony Paladino, WW Cloud Foundational Services, ISV Partners – AWS
By Kishore Vinjam, Principal Partner Solutions Architect – AWS
By Thierno Diallo, Partner Solutions Architect – AWS
By Greg Young, Sr. Partner Development Specialist – AWS

A successful cloud journey can help organizations increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve security, and overall maximize business value. However, many businesses face barriers when looking to migrate or modernize in the cloud; including a lack of expertise or resources, as well as being overwhelmed by the number of services and configuration best practices.

Historically, AWS customers looking to install partner software products have struggled to select, activate, and configure foundational AWS native services essential to building a strong cloud foundation. A common approach is to select software tools that provide support for multi/hybrid cloud environments. But this can lead to increased risk and operational burden due to disparate, fragmented silos for foundational functionality such as user permissions, logging, and security.

To address this need, we’re introducing the AWS Built-in Competency, which helps customers find partner solutions that automatically deploy AWS foundational services together with the partner software to simplify and streamline the deployment experience. For more details, watch the overview video.

Available in AWS Marketplace, AWS Built-in Partner solutions are designed to automate, configure, and scale across multi-account environments following Amazon Web Services (AWS) best practices. This provides customers a consistent experience to achieve business goals for faster growth and scale, all while increasing security posture by leveraging cloud foundational domains.

AWS Built-in Partner solutions are templatized code that have been validated and co-engineered by expert AWS Solutions Architects. This code is stored in secure repositories hosted by AWS. These solutions combine AWS CloudFormation StackSets based on AWS Security Reference Architecture with AWS Lambda functions, which allows customers to deploy validated SaaS products with the appropriate cloud foundational services. These solutions can be deployed in multi-account organizations by leveraging AWS Control Tower and AWS Organizations.

This guarantees to customers that the products they select are deeply integrated with foundational and widely-adopted services like AWS CloudTrail, AWS Security Hub, and Amazon GuardDuty to decrease risk, reduce operational overhead, and provide consistent observability in cloud environments around the world.

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AWS Built-in Partner solutions have been verified by AWS to include automated configuration elements across four foundational service domains—security, identity, governance, and operations—as well as integration applicable to the software’s functionality.

We invite you to explore the AWS Built-in Partner solutions recommended by AWS:

CloudCheckr CMx
CloudCheckr delivers a unique level of visibility and intelligence to help better manage cloud costs, optimize resources, improve governance, and strengthen security and compliance with government-mandated regulations across some of the most stringently regulated cloud environments in the world.

CrowdStrike Falcon Cloud Security
CrowdStrike Falcon Cloud Security offers rapid threat detection and response, breach protection, infrastructure and entitlement management, and continuous posture management for all clouds. It includes one of the world’s best cloud adversary threat intelligence built into a Cloud Security Platform, providing comprehensive intelligence and end-to-end protection from host to cloud, enhancing visibility, compliance, and threat response speed.

Deepwatch Cloud SecOps Platform
Deepwatch’s cloud SecOps platform provides comprehensive coverage for every aspect of your organization’s security operations by seamlessly integrating industry-leading and proprietary technologies. Deepwatch continuously evaluates the latest technologies, curating only the best solutions into their platform.

IBM Security QRadar SIEM
IBM Security QRadar SIEM helps security teams accurately detect and prioritize threats across the enterprise (including AWS and hybrid cloud environments), and provides intelligent insights that enable teams to respond quickly to reduce the impact of incidents.

Lacework Cloud Security Platform
Lacework, a data-driven security platform for the cloud, collects, analyzes, and accurately correlates data—without requiring manually written rules—across your cloud and Kubernetes environments, and narrows it down to the handful of security events that matter. Security and DevOps teams around the world trust Lacework to secure cloud-native applications across the full lifecycle from code to cloud.

Laminar Cloud Data Security Platform
Cloud-native data security platform for everything you build and run in the cloud. Laminar helps organizations discover, prioritize, secure and monitor their sensitive data in AWS and other clouds. Autonomous, agentless, continuous.

MontyCloud DAY2 Autonomous CloudOps
MontyCloud DAY2 Autonomous CloudOps helps teams build, manage, and operate on AWS efficiently. MontyCloud continuously integrates with AWS services for simplified no-code cloud management.

Orca Cloud Security Platform
Orca Security provides full-stack cloud security visibility for your AWS cloud environment—using one time, read-only integration. The platform detects vulnerabilities, malware, misconfigurations, lateral movement risk, weak and leaked passwords, overly permissive identities and entitlements, as well as breaches. By utilizing data from the assets’ run time block storage, Orca is able to provide complete and centralized coverage, without the use of deployed agents.

Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM
Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) provides security analysts with enhanced visibility across the enterprise to thoroughly understand the impact and context of an attack. Streamlined workflows automatically triage alerts to maximize security analyst efficiency and focus.

Trend Micro Cloud One
Trend Micro’s ABI integration streamlines deployment of their cloud security platform and facilitates full integration of their XDR solution. Automatically deploy security to workloads and layer Trend threat intelligence on top of your AWS CloudTrail logs to detect any suspicious activity, empowering you to accelerate detection and response in the cloud.

Wiz SaaS Solution
Wiz performs a deep assessment of your entire cloud and then correlates a vast number of security signals to trace the real infiltration vectors that unauthorized users can use to gain access.

Customers: Learn about AWS Built-in Competency Partners

Customers can find AWS Built-in Partner solutions that simplify the builder experience on the solutions page.

These partner solutions are available for purchase and deployment in AWS Marketplace.

Partners: Become an AWS Competency Partner

AWS Partners looking to get their software offering validated through the AWS Competency Program must be validated or differentiated members of the Software Path.

AWS Built-in Competency Partners receive a private strategy session (i.e., account mapping) in addition to AWS Competency Program benefits. To learn more, review the AWS Specialization Program Benefits Guide in AWS Partner Central (login required).

Creating an AWS Built-in Competency partner solution is currently invite-only. Reach out to your Partner Team to learn more.