We break down the fundamentals of threat intelligence and its role in anticipating and countering emerging threats

The threat landscape is becoming ever more complex and perilous by the day. Adversaries, ranging from state-aligned advanced persistent threats (APTs) to opportunistic cybercriminals, are well-funded, adaptable and relentless, targeting various chinks in organizations’ cyber armors and often catching organizations off guard.

Against this backdrop, cyber treat intelligence is becoming increasingly more critical. It stands out as a powerful tool for providing organizations with actionable and timely information about the tactics and techniques of bad actors, ultimately helping defenders stay one step ahead of threats.

In this episode of Unlocked 403 podcast, join us for an insightful conversation with Robert Lipovsky, ESET’s Principal Threat Intelligence Researcher, about:

  • what threat intelligence is,
  • the work of a threat intelligence expert,
  • the role of threat intelligence in anticipating and countering emerging cyber-risks,
  • how it comes into play in hybrid war..

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