Today, we are excited to announce Confluent Cloud User Access Management via Azure portal for the Confluent organizations created via Azure Native ISV Service. You can now add Azure users and manage their authorization to Confluent cloud right from Azure portal!


So far, onboarding to the Confluent Cloud with just a few clicks from the Azure portal was made true by the launch of Apache Kafka® on Confluent Cloud™– An Azure Native ISV Service. This integration between Azure and Confluent has helped the customer connect their Azure data plane seamlessly authenticating using Single-Sign On. However, you still need to head to the Confluent Cloud UI (User Interfaces) for authorization – adding users into the Organization, giving them roles and accesses across clusters, environments, etc. This is an additional step for the organization admins to manually add all the user ids and set their eligible permissions for each cluster and environment, making it even more tedious and time-consuming.

What is Confluent Cloud Access Management?

Confluent now supports advanced controls on managing User Access and Permissions easily via Azure portal.  With this, the organization admin can add and manage both users as well as user permissions post the Confluent organization creation while continuing to stay in Azure portal. This helps in bringing down the overall time from creating an organization to actionable Kafka resources on Confluent. A key component of Confluent Access Management is Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). Access Management is now easily available on the Overview page in Azure portal.

As of today, Access Management supports the following scenarios:

  • Add a new user into the Confluent Organization.
  • View and manage the users having access to the Confluent Organization.
  • View role permissions for a user.
  • Add one or more role permissions for a user.
  • Remove one or more role permissions for a user.

Please note: These permissions are available only to the Subscription Owner or Contributor. Make sure you have the right credentials to make use of this feature.

Add Users in a Confluent

You can now add new users and view existing users in your Confluent Organization via Azure portal. Simply head to Confluent Account and Access or the Manage User Access tile at the bottom of your resource overview.


Fig 1: Overview page showing the Access management blade and the tile.


Fig 2: Select and confirm the user addition.

View Role permissions for a user

In the Confluent Account and Access blade, you’ll see the list of users in your current Confluent organization. Click on the Manage Permissions icon on the right end of the user you would like to see the permissions for.


Fig 3: Viewing the user permissions in the portal.


Add or Remove Role permissions for a user in Confluent Organization

The Manage Permissions blade contains a couple of icons on the top to Add or Remove a role for a given user. While staying on this blade you will have access to all the available roles and the assigned roles in Confluent at the organization level as well as at the environment and cluster levels.


Fig 4: Select Add Role to get a new role permission; Remove to delete an existing permission.