By Julie Sanford, Vice President, Partner GTM, Programs & Experiences

We are committed to providing the resources and support our partners need to deliver incredible solutions to organizations and communities globally. Today, I’m excited to announce the release of new partner benefits packages, each equipped with in-demand product, support, and advisory benefits and designed to drive partner success. 

There are three new distinct benefits packages: Partner Launch Benefits, Partner Success Core Benefits, and Partner Success Expanded Benefits. These packages are purpose-built to meet the varied needs of our partners at different stages of growth and designed to help take your business to the next level. They complement Solutions Partner and ISV Success core and expanded benefits already available for partners. 

Benefits packages that meet you where you are 

Partner benefits packages represent a holistic approach to partner development. Whether you’re building your first solution or aiming to expand your capabilities, there is a package for you. Partners who want to kickstart their growth can explore the Partner Launch Benefits, which empower you to discover, use, and test Microsoft products. As you expand, the Partner Success Core Benefits offer a more robust set of tools and support. For those who are ready to scale at a larger level, the Partner Success Expanded Benefits provide the most comprehensive range of product benefits and support. 

The new partner benefits packages can be purchased individually and in addition to existing benefits, including ISV Success. Beyond these packages, partners are encouraged to differentiate their organizations with a solution area Solutions Partner* designation or specialization. In addition to helping you stand out to your customers in the market, these offerings unlock significantly more Microsoft Azure credits, seats, and technical support. 

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