With Microsoft Azure, you have access to a portfolio of products, resources, and offerings to help you meet evolving customer opportunities and join a community of partners committed to leading the way in the era of AI. With Azure, you can meet faster application delivery times, achieve significant cost savings, and access funding through Azure Migrate and Modernize and Azure Innovate. Formerly the Azure Migration and Modernization Program, Azure Migrate and Modernize is an expanded offering for customer migration and modernization scenarios across apps, data, and infrastructure that includes more workloads support, streamlined access to specialized partners, incentives to offset migration costs, and security guidance built into every engagement. Azure Innovate is our newest offering to build new solutions and modernize existing ones on Azure to meet the demand for AI transformation and begin the next wave of growth for your business.

Azure specialized partners and qualified ISVs have access to assessments, pilot POCs, tooling, funding, and Microsoft expert guidance when you need it – all designed to help you accelerate the cloud journey and drive growth and impact. At Microsoft, we recognize that what you need to succeed is unique to your business model, size, and stage of growth. That’s why we’re investing in these two comprehensive offerings that are built for all.


We are setting the pace in 2024 with the latest announcements effective January 1:

  • Extra small engagement sizes are now available for all scenarios
  • ISV partners can now nominate strategics in Azure Migrate and Modernize
  • Top Tier partners can access Azure Migrate and Modernize partner-led for ISVs if they satisfy the IP co-sell top tier criteria
  • And multiple nominations for the same customer will be available for the same engagement type

Learn more and nominate today!​