In today’s skills-first job market, amid the rapid changes driven by advances in emerging technologies across all industries, educators require effective resources to help prepare their students. As more organizations adopt a skills-first approach to tackle talent acquisition, development, and redeployment challenges, there’s a growing emphasis on individuals’ skills and competencies—in addition to traditional qualifications like degrees and job experience. To meet this need, we launched Microsoft Learn for Educators (MSLE) in 2020, and since then it has empowered over 10,000 educators in 149 countries to bring in-demand tech skills and industry-recognized certifications to their students.

But our job is not done.

Microsoft Learn for Educators is committed to empowering educators like you with the tools and resources needed to equip students with cutting-edge technical skills that will help set them up for real-world success in the jobs of today, and tomorrow. I am pleased to announce that MSLE is now offering even more ways for you to access teaching resources. Additionally, there are new opportunities for you to get skilled up on the latest technologies to help assist your students in meeting the demands of today’s skills-first economy.

Unlock a new standard of instruction​

With MSLE, we are making it easy for instructors at any level to bring technical skilling into their classrooms. You can implement an in-demand skills curriculum in whatever way works best for you, whether integrated into a current offering or as a standalone course, you can even create your next Master’s degree powered by Microsoft Learn for Educators.



Assign Microsoft Applied Skills to your students

For educators who are looking for an easy way to integrate scenario-based technical skills into their classes or homework, leveraging Microsoft Applied Skills is an effortless way to assign skilling to your students. Here’s how it works:

  • Educators choose which Applied Skills complement or expand their in-class experience.
  • When assigned, students can prepare with optional training, including free, self-paced learning paths or instructor-led training.
  • Once students have verified the skills they have learned by passing an online, interactive, lab-based assessment on Microsoft Learn, they’ll earn a Microsoft-verified credential.
  • Students can then share their new skills on LinkedIn, helping them stand out when it comes time to start their career.

Browse all the Applied Skills available now.


Leveraging Microsoft-developed curriculum and teaching resources

Obtaining access to these powerful resources is simple and straightforward. First, sign in with your Microsoft account and create your profile, which then applies you for the MSLE program. Once accepted, you’ll get access to training and tools to prepare you to deliver cutting-edge technical instruction. ​​Our ready-to-teach curriculum, free labs, and expansive teaching resources and support will expedite your ability to teach technical skills in the classroom. 


The MSLE Community Managers will support you through onboarding sessions, office hours, and ongoing chat in our community. Utilize our turnkey PR toolkit to help you raise your institution’s profile as you spread the news about how you’re leveraging Microsoft to enhance your courses and graduate students with in-demand skills. ​

Get custom technical and AI skilling support from experts

Through bespoke, fee-based consultative engagements, Microsoft Training Services Partners (TSPs) are ready to work with you to ensure you have the tools and skills needed to integrate AI into your classroom and can support you as you develop any number of Microsoft technical skills. For example, by working with our TSPs, we can support you with our recently launched AI Bootcamp for Educators, which can help you develop a range of new AI skills. As cloud computing and AI continue to evolve at breakneck speed, TSPs are ready to offer personalized support, content mapping, curriculum integration, and more to support your evolving needs.  


Graduate students who stand out to hiring managers

With access to Microsoft-developed curriculum, labs, and more through MSLE, you can now more easily help students raise their profiles and jump-start their careers by using free exam readiness resources to prep them to earn Microsoft Certifications and Applied Skills especially in the field of AI. These credentials augment a student’s existing degree and validate the skills needed to be successful across a variety of job roles and critical project-specific tasks. This skills validation is catching the attention of hiring managers, as 74% of IT and Line of Business (LOB) managers’ say certification is important or very important when hiring entry level or new career applicants. 1

Explore Microsoft Learn for Educators

Microsoft Learn for Educators was established to support educators with technical skilling instruction, providing resources, support, and a trusted partnership in a rapidly evolving space. We’ll continue to roll out features and programs to empower you with the tools you need to prepare your students for future success.

Check out the resources and tools that Microsoft Learn for Educators has to offer:

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[1]  IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Microsoft, Thriving in an AI-driven future: Defining Critical Skills and Tools as Jobs Evolve, IDC#US51794024 March 2024.