I have been a tech professional for more than 20 years, and I feel fortunate. I love my job, I work hard to challenge myself, and receive fair compensation. Professional certifications have played a significant role in my career, and they can in yours, too. 

In fact, professional certifications can fast-track your journey, whether you’re a recent graduate aiming to jump-start your career, a professional seeking advancement, or someone looking to switch career paths. In the past 20 years, I’ve helped thousands of professionals earn Microsoft Certifications—industry-recognized credentials that can validate your skills, boost your productivity, and your career. As a result, I’ve witnessed tremendous transformations. For example, a longtime help desk professional shifted to cloud computing as an Azure administrator and is now a renowned Azure architect at Microsoft. Additionally, a single mom transitioned from working as a restaurant server to securing an entry-level IT security position in financial services. The power of willingness is genuinely unique, especially when combined with a Microsoft Certification. My advice is to keep believing in yourself and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. You will make it!  


Credibility factor  

In my opinion, this is probably the most significant advantage in earning a Microsoft Certification. This Certification is verified by Microsoft, providing proof of world-class technical proficiency for in-demand skills. Having a Microsoft Certification on your résumé will not guarantee you a job, but it can certainly help you open career doors and achieve your goals. 

Hiring managers know that a professional who has earned a Microsoft Certification has proven themselves by passing a standardized exam (or multiple exams), which means that the candidate possesses a certain skill level associated with a job role. For example, someone who has earned the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification has passed a rigorous exam (Exam AZ-104) that measures five core skills:  

  • Managing Azure identities and governance 
  • Implementing and managing storage 
  • Deploying and managing Azure compute resources 
  • Implementing and managing virtual networking 
  • Monitoring and maintaining Azure resources 

Everyone who has earned this certification has a standard skill set verified by Microsoft. This can help candidates stand out and can streamline the hiring process for human resources personnel looking to fill important roles. 


Career advancement 

Professional certifications can also have a positive impact on your career progression. Earning a Microsoft Certification can show your current or prospective employer that you have specialized in a particular area, demonstrated knowledge, and proven your commitment to continuous learning—a must-have attitude in the tech sector. Continuous learning is especially necessary, as ever-evolving AI technology begins to benefit day-to-day workloads in almost every industry. Also, it’s important to note that many companies require certification for particular roles, and government contract workers often need multiple certifications. 


Earning potential 

Certifications can enable you to secure better positions and could even increase your earning potential. Many studies show that professionals who have certifications earn higher salaries than their peers who have not. The Pearson VUE 2023 Value of IT Certification | Candidate Report notes that “37 percent [of respondents] received salary increases after earning their certifications, while an additional 36 percent still anticipate receiving one.” Organizations of all sizes are open to paying more for professionals with certifications, since these candidates have demonstrated their commitment to continuous skill-building, greater achievement, and in the end, bringing the potential for more productivity—a win for the professional, their team, and their organization. 


Closing points 

In short, if you have any doubts about earning a Microsoft Certification to help you reach your career goals, hesitate no longer. Take the time to prepare for earning a certification and to achieve more. If you’re gearing up to work in tech, they’re a great way to learn what’s needed for a specific role because the certification exam list of objectives helps you review the required skills in a structured way. If you’re already in tech, it’s an ideal way to stay current and build new skills, allowing you to increase your credibility in the workplace, advance your career as you change positions, or take on a new project in your organization, improve your earning potential, and focus on more meaningful tasks. 


Meet Tiago Costa, Microsoft Learn expert  

Tiago Costa is a cloud architect and advisor, trainer, content creator, and recognized international speaker. He architects and develops Microsoft Azure solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Over the years, he has earned more than 60 Microsoft Certifications. Tiago is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and a Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional (MVP). He spends his free time with his family in sunny Lisbon, Portugal. 

Tiago invites you to embark on a voyage of knowledge and discovery by joining his Microsoft Learn Learning Room, Tiago Costa—Your Azure Expert, which is a great space to expand your horizons, engage in meaningful discussions, and get ready to earn a Microsoft Certification. As Tiago says, “Let’s connect, share ideas, and cultivate a community of lifelong learners.” 

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