Starting next year, indirect resellers must have a minimum revenue amount to remain authorized to transact as Cloud Solution Providers.

Beginning on April 1, 2024, existing, active indirect resellers must have a minimum of USD1,000 in trailing 12 months (TTM) CSP revenue (including Perpetual Software) at the reseller tenant level in each of the CSP regions in which they sell. The revenue requirement must be met annually, on the reseller’s tenant onboarding anniversary, to remain authorized to transact as a CSP.

This requirement applies only to indirect resellers who onboarded to their CSP reseller tenant at least one year ago.

In January 2024 Microsoft will begin sending an email notification to the tenant’s global admin(s) and the reseller’s indirect provider at 90, 60, and 30 days in advance of the tenant’s onboarding anniversary month if the tenant revenue is below USD1,000. The final notification, informing the reseller of their suspension from CSP, will be sent during that anniversary month. During that 90-day notification period, if the indirect reseller works with their indirect provider(s) to increase their revenue to at least USD1,000, they will no longer receive notifications and will meet the revenue requirement.

Next steps

  1. Connect with your indirect provider(s) to work together on a plan to meet the revenue requirement.
  2. Learn more about the minimum indirect reseller revenue requirement.


Review the Cloud Solution Provider Guide to learn more about the indirect reseller revenue requirement as well as the indirect reseller requirements article on Microsoft Learn. If you have additional questions after reviewing the documents, submit a support ticket via the Partner Center Support page.