Azure Migrate and Modernize and Azure Innovate were announced in July 2023 with unprecedented investments in the partner-led delivery model. Azure Innovate, a brand new investment to meet customer demand for AI transformation, provides guidance and resources across scenarios from analytics to AI. Azure Migrate and Modernize (formerly Azure Migration and Modernization Program) is an expanded offering for customer migration and modernization across apps, data, and infrastructure. These two offerings are built to work together to help a customer adopt Azure while the partner is set up for success with a friction-free path to funding, expert guidance, self-serve tooling, and rapid approval workflows – so you can deliver better customer experiences.

New in November 2023, Microsoft has extended offerings benefits enabling partners to request migration factory assistance with the rehost portion of a project at no additional cost. Partners can offload common rehost scenarios to Microsoft experts via the migration factory– helping customers further accelerate Azure projects. The partner can focus on transformative workloads, thereby increasing engagement velocity, and realizing higher margins. 

Access these offerings to:  

  • Accelerate deal velocity with assessments, pilots, tooling, and expert guidance. Seamless and automated approvals enable short time to value.  
  • Maximize your earning opportunities through rich investments and consolidated incentives with self-serve, easy access in Partner Center.  
  • Activate across more scenarios with end-to-end coverage of customer needs, built for all from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to enterprises, SIs, and ISVs.