Enterprises today are facing a range of push and pull factors that are driving cloud migration. VMware has  500K+ customers and the 85M+ workloads running on vSphere on-prem. Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) provides tremendous growth opportunities for our partner community to realize, both short-term and over time. As Azure grows 50% YoY, AVS will be growing alongside, and we want to enable our partner community to capitalize on this opportunity.

Every company is in a different place when it comes to its digital transformation journey and use of the cloud. Microsoft is committed to providing solutions that enable organizations to make progress to the cloud on their own terms. In partnership with VMware, Microsoft has created the Migrate VMware Workloads to Azure campaign to empower organizations to efficiently and cost effectively move existing VMware apps to Azure.

To help partners capitalize on this tremendous opportunity, we are excited to announce that our new digital marketing campaign is now available in two platforms:

Migrate VMware Workloads to Azure campaign in Digital Marketing Content OnDemand (DMC)

The 6-week automated digital campaign comes with everything you need, including infographics, pitch decks, thought leadership articles, customer stories, and other assets. These can be shared directly with customers from your social accounts, email lists, blogs, and landing pages.

Partner Marketing Center Campaign-in-a-box (PMC)

Available for download, the PMC assets are meant to be co-branded and highly customizable to facilitate end-to-end campaign execution, from gated content for interest generation to event delivery content and lead follow-through.  Refer to the campaign-in-a-box execution guide for step-by-step guidance on how to customize assets and land campaign materials effectively.

Launch the Migrate VMware Workloads to Azure digital marketing campaign in DMC

Download your campaign-in-a-box