We are thrilled to announce a new feature that significantly simplifies the integration of Azure services with Apache Kafka® & Apache Flink® on Confluent Cloud. This integration is made possible through the Azure Service Connector, a tool designed to streamline the connection process by managing network and authentication settings at a single go.

Simplified Connections

Azure Service Connector is at the heart of this new feature, offering a user-friendly interface that guides you through the connection process. Whether you’re working with Azure App Service, Azure Functions, Azure Container Apps, Azure Kubernetes Service, or Azure Spring Apps, Service Connector facilitates a smooth and efficient setup between your compute services and your target backing service in management plane. This helps you worry less about authentication and security and focus more on your code development.

Creating a New Connection

Connecting your app to Apache Kafka & Apache Flink on Confluent Cloud is easy. Navigate to your Azure service resource, access Service Connector from the menu and select ‘Create’.

Fig 1: Select “Create” in the Service Connector blade within your App Service to create the connection.


Select “Apache Kafka on Confluent Cloud” as your target service. You can now choose to connect either to your Azure Native organization or to your non-marketplace Confluent organization. Azure Native ensures seamlessness by listing all your constructs within the organization such as environments and clusters.


Fig 2: Select “Apache Kafka on Confluent Cloud” as the Service type and select among the Azure Native Confluent resource or your other Confluent resource to make the connection with.

Configuring authentication

Set up authentication via existing or new Kafka API keys. You can also choose to configure Schema Registry as per your needs.


Fig 3: Configure authentication by either creating new API keys or reusing an existing pair. 

Reviewing Connections

Once established, you can review your connections within the Azure portal. Service Connector allows you to view details, validate connections, and delete them if necessary.

Looking Ahead

This new feature is part of our ongoing commitment to providing a seamless and integrated experience for our users. We are excited to see how you leverage this capability to enhance your applications and workflows.

Stay tuned for more updates and improvements!


  1. To learn more about Service connector, check out Service Connector overview.
  2. Learn more about Apache Kafka® & Apache Flink® on Confluent Cloud – An Azure Native ISV Service – https://aka.ms/anis/confluent/docs.
  3. Create your own Confluent org and get $400 free credits to try out the experience! Visit https://aka.ms/anis/confluent/try.
  4. We value your feedback! Review the Azure Native Confluent Cloud experience and let us know – Developer Community (visualstudio.com)