By Emma Truve, Partner Marketing Program Manager – Mission Cloud

In the ever-expanding digital landscape, the need for global accessibility has become paramount.

Mission Cloud, an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and leader in harnessing generative artificial intelligence (AI) on AWS, joined forces with MagellanTV to reshape content delivery on the company’s documentary streaming platform, which contains a massive library of over 3,000 series that are accessible through top streaming platforms.

This post unwraps the collaboration between Mission Cloud and MagellanTV, revealing not only the generative AI solution the teams developed and the impactful results it has delivered.

This success story was featured during Ruba Borno’s Partner Keynote at AWS re:Invent 2023. Joining Mission Cloud Founder and CEO Simon Anderson on stage at re:Invent were Thomas Lucas, Co-Founder of MagellanTV, and Julia Chen, Vice President of Partner Core at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Watch this segment from the Partner Keynote featuring Mission Cloud and MagellanTV:

Bridging Worlds: MagellanTV’s Challenge and Mission Cloud’s Expertise

Mission Cloud, a global AWS Partner of the Year winner for 2023, showcased its collaboration with MagellanTV at re:Invent. Despite its robust catalog, MagellanTV faced a critical challenge–breaking linguistic barriers to ensure its documentaries resonated with a global audience.

The long and costly processes of translation, transcription, and dubbing became a bottleneck, hindering their ambition to reach diverse audiences seamlessly.

Architecting Global Accessibility with Generative AI

MagellanTV initially sought cost optimization expertise from Mission Cloud as its platform scaled on AWS. However, as Mission Cloud delved deeper into MagellanTV’s vision, a bold idea emerged: crafting a generative AI solution on AWS to proficiently translate and dub English documentaries into any language.

Considering the intricate nature of documentaries—layered narration, diverse voices, music, and effects—the new generative AI system had to discern and translate these elements, capturing idioms, slang, and context while preserving the original timing.

Mission Cloud created a solution for MagellanTV that leverages robust AWS artificial intelligence tools like Amazon Bedrock, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate, Amazon Comprehend, and Amazon Polly.

This strategic collaboration led to a transformative architecture, enabling MagellanTV to effortlessly transcend language barriers. Now, its platform seamlessly translates, transcribes, and dubs content, drastically reducing manual efforts and significantly cutting costs.

Unleashing Impact: A Journey to Global Accessibility

Mission Cloud’s collaboration with MagellanTV isn’t just about technological innovation–it’s about rewriting the rules of content accessibility. By harnessing generative AI, MagellanTV has expanded its reach beyond language barriers.

The partnership with Mission Cloud symbolizes a commitment to inclusivity, sharing stories, knowledge, and entertainment across the world, truly embodying the power of technology to unite us all.

“Our mission at MagellanTV is to educate people around the world with the best documentaries,” said Thomas Lucas, MagellanTV’s Co-Founder. “We want to thank Mission Cloud for helping us touch people across the globe. Magellan Voice Works is a game-changing innovation that will not only help us reach a wider audience but also create more exposure for filmmakers.”

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