The Data Security 6-week digital campaign and the Data Security campaign-in-a-box are available to enable Microsoft partners to drive top and mid funnel leads for Microsoft Data Security solutions and your services.

Data security has become one of the most critical security issues companies face, exacerbated by outdated approaches to data security and a fragmented solution landscape that can be expensive, hard to manage—and often ineffective. Microsoft Purview provides a comprehensive and holistic data security solution that helps customers secure their data, across clouds, apps and devices, by focusing on three key areas: discovering and protecting data, managing insider risk, and preventing data loss. When used together, customers can benefit from a cloud-based solution that helps secure all their data, on-premises or in the cloud, in emails, and in apps. These campaigns provide engaging content and insights to customers on achieving integrated data security that helps them protect data, manage insider risk, and prevent data loss, all while improving efficiency and saving costs.​

Launch either of these partner-ready campaigns and go to market quicker to drive customer engagement and leads for Microsoft Data Security solutions and your services.