Like a fast-approaching deadline on a crucial project, the pace of technological advancement can feel daunting. With rapid developments in areas such as AI, cloud optimization, app development, and data analysis, what’s the best way to advance your career?

In this comprehensive overview, we’ll supply you with the latest and greatest of our curated Azure learning resources. Level up your technical skills and unlock exciting career possibilities related to our top 5 Azure solution areas (click to jump to each section):

AI-powered apps

Data insights with Microsoft Fabric

Enhance developer productivity

Migrate and modernize

Azure Optimization

The future is AI-powered, and you can be the architect

The AI revolution is well underway. As it fundamentally reshapes our interactions and experiences with technology and the cloud, now is the time to catch up on how Azure AI works.

Let Microsoft Copilot guide your way to inspiration

One of our most exciting recent developments is Microsoft Copilot, an AI companion that works everywhere you do and intelligently adapts to your needs. In our new video series, you will find the best resources for learning how to use Copilot:

  • Episode 1: Get an overview of Microsoft Copilot and get skilling resources for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.
  • Episode 2: Discover available learning resources for GitHub Copilot.
  • Episode 3: Watch a demonstration of how to set up and use GitHub Copilot with Visual Studio Code and Code Spaces for JavaScript and Python development.

Convenient, efficient data storage with Azure Cosmos DB

After learning how to use Microsoft Copilot to help you develop a new AI-powered intelligent app, you’ll need somewhere to store and manage all that data. Imagine a giant, super-flexible storage box for all your app’s data, accessible from anywhere in the world. That’s Azure Cosmos DB in a nutshell.

Developers around the world recently got started learning about this data storage gamechanger with our Azure Cosmos DB Developer Cloud Skills Challenge. This free, interactive, cheerfully competitive learning experience is built on task-based achievements to help advance your technical skills and prepare for Microsoft role-based certifications.

Accept the challenge to build intelligent apps

Developing your core skills for developing AI-powered intelligent apps is a great way to stay competitive in the market—but we want to make it fun, too. So we launched a series of skills challenges that combine AI, cloud-scale data, and cloud-native app development to put you on the fast track and earn badges along the way!

Maximize Microsoft Fabric for unprecedented data insights

Don’t let data blind spots hold your business back. Microsoft Fabric empowers you to unlock the hidden potential of your data, fueling smarter decisions that drive growth and mitigate risk.

Decipher your data with a little help from your friends

Our Microsoft Fabric Learn Together series has already helped hundreds of data devotees prepare for the Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification exam. Watch previous sessions on-demand to help you complete the associated learn module and check back to see when the next live series drops.

Speaking of dream teams, we also recently launched our Fabric Global AI Hack on GitHub. Our experts set up a virtual playground for creating and experimenting with Fabric, and teams submitted their best Fabric AI hacks to win prizes. 

The friendly competition didn’t stop there. We also put together two Cloud Skills Challenges to sharpen participants’ data analysis abilities. Anyone looking for a future as a Fabric Analytics Engineer had the chance to earn 50% off their certification exam.

Dive deep into data analytics with these live events

Looking to whip your tech skills into shape? Our Microsoft Virtual Training Days are two-day, four-hour sessions, packed with practical knowledge and interactive exercises for in-demand skills related to Fabric.

Learn even more about Microsoft Fabric, including how you can earn 100% off the cost of a certification exam, at the Fabric Career hub.

Unleash your inner coding machine to enhance developer productivity

With the growing complexity of intelligent apps, unlocking developer productivity is key to building the future. Working smarter and more efficiently is more important than ever, and we’re here to show you how.

Choose your own coding adventure

We recently launched a pair of Cloud Skills Challenges focused on different coding languages but with a shared goal: Teach developers what they need to know to produce effective, efficient code.

The Python Data Science Cloud Skills Challenge has been helping developers become more efficient with this versatile language, especially when building complex applications. Likewise, the Java Apps on Azure Cloud Skills Challenge paved the way for participants to start building, migrating, and scaling Java apps using Azure services.

For more, dive into our complete collection of GitHub and Azure developer learning resources.


Migrate and modernize to the cloud and unlock endless possibilities

Ditch the server headaches. Migrating to the cloud empowers your business with agility, scalability, and a whole lot less IT burden. Explore these recent Azure resources to learn more about migrating and modernizing your tech stack.

Become a guardian of cloud-based data

Want to keep your databases running smoothly and securely? As an Azure Database Administrator, it’s your duty to keep cloud-based data accessible, secure, and performing at its best. One of our recent Cloud Skills Challenges addressed the operational aspects of cloud-native and hybrid data platform solutions.

Take database performance to the next level

The learning resources in our Azure migrate and modernize collection is geared toward helping you better understand how to improve performance with the latest Azure capabilities.

Optimize your cloud resources to supercharge performance

Whether you’re new to the cloud or have already migrated your on-prem workloads to Azure, it’s critical to learn to maximize your investment. Get the most out of your cloud to boost your ROI and watch your success soar.

Make the most of Azure with interactive events

Optimization on Azure is all about getting the most value out of your cloud investment. Our Azure Optimization Cloud Skills Challenge gathered participants to conquer a curated set of lessons about optimizing cloud architectures and workloads—all in 30 days or less.

In our new Optimization Learn Live video series, Azure experts guide learners through using optimization tools effectively, including the Cloud Adoption and Well-Architected frameworks, Azure Pricing, Microsoft Cost Management, and Azure Advisor.

Finally, Azure Optimization Virtual Training Days covered aspects of Azure optimization for learners of any skill level. They had the opportunity to experience implementing security controls, preparing cloud environments with Azure Landing Zones, and assessing and remediating deployed workloads for cost-optimization, operational excellence, performance efficiency, reliability, and security.

Explore optimization at your own pace with these resources

Optimization is a big topic, with several solutions and concepts to learn that will help you thrive in a cloud-based job. Design for optimization from the start and learn to monitor, manage and optimize existing environments in Azure Optimization Learn Modules.

Dig into learning about Azure pricing with top resources on optimizing your cloud compute costs through Azure Reserved Instances and Azure Savings Plans. Learn more about which option is right for your organization based on usage and workloads, and start saving!

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