We are happy to launch the General Availability of Apache Airflow™ on Astro – An Azure Native ISV Service – a result of a close collaboration between Azure Native ISV Service and Astronomer, the custodians of Apache Airflow. This integration supports native organization creation for Astro, a managed service for data orchestration that lets you easily monitor and execute your data pipelines.

Azure Native ISV Services enable you to easily provision, manage, and tightly integrate independent software vendor (ISV) software and services on Azure. By leveraging the power of Azure, Apache Airflow on Astro – An Azure Native ISV Service offers you a range of benefits, including scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. It also provides secure connectivity using enhanced single sign-on support directly via Azure portal, Azure CLI and SDK. You can easily sign up for this with a free $300 Astro credit via the Azure Marketplace.

“By offering Astro as an Azure Native ISV Service through our partnership with Astronomer, we will help customers seamlessly spin up Astro organizations and launch Apache Airflow deployments that can handle large-scale data pipelines, and also provide a centralized portal to manage Astro instances and Billing on Microsoft Azure.”   – Julia Liuson, President, Microsoft Developer Division.

Managing Airflow infrastructure could be an elaborate and time-consuming task, requiring expertise in areas such as networking, security, and scaling. By using a managed service like Astro, you can offload the burden of managing Airflow infrastructure to Astronomer, allowing you to focus on your core business needs and data workflows.

Key Capabilities

  • Seamless onboarding: Now you can create an Astro organization using Azure portal, CLI, or SDK just like any other Azure resource. 

You can look for it using the search bar on the Azure portal.

Fig 1: Searching for Apache Airflow on Astro via Azure portal.


Fig 2: Creating the Astro Organization.


  • Unified billing: You now get a single usage bill for your Astro and all the other Azure resources through a monthly billing via Azure Marketplace.


Fig 3: Apache Airflow on Astro with Pay-As-You-Go in the Azure Marketplace


  • Single-Sign on to Astro: An auto-generated SSO link securely redirects you to the Astro UI with no additional credentials.


Fig 4: Newly created Astro resource with SSO url on the Overview blade via Azure portal.



Fig 5: On clicking the SSO URL, the page redirects to the newly created Astro org.

Get started with Apache Airflow on Astro – An Azure Native ISV Service

  • Setup and subscribe to your Apache Airflow on Astro – An Azure Native ISV Service, available easily in the Azure Marketplace. Start your journey free of cost and pay as you use. On your first Astro resource creation, you also get a complimentary $300 credit from Astronomer to get started!
  • Create an Astro organization via the service, see QuickStart: Get started with Apache Airflow™ on Astro.
  • Follow the Astro documentation to create an Azure cluster to host your deployments.