Amid the increasing integration of AI into various business applications, cloud and AI skilling is essential for partners to reach their full potential. Microsoft is committed to helping address these skilling needs so that partners can help customers enable new services and products that use these quickly advancing technologies. Our partners have asked for our help in giving their employees Microsoft Azure Depth Enablement—in-depth knowledge specifically focused on Azure solutions for the Microsoft platforms and technology they use every day. 

As part of our training efforts, Microsoft is now offering partner employees the opportunity to elevate their technical skills in specific lines of technology related to Microsoft AI and the Microsoft Cloud. These multi-day Microsoft Depth Workshops focus on practical technical aspects, including architecture and implementation considerations. 

We encourage all partner technical learners to register for the skilling events relevant to their business to enhance architecting, deployment, and implementation skills and help unlock the capabilities of AI and cloud technology and applications. 

Hone your technical skills in Microsoft Azure, Business Applications, and Security solutions  

Microsoft Depth Workshops embody their titles by offering deeper, hands-on training that builds on advanced certifications. Their goal is to equip partner employees with the knowledge to help customers confidently adopt and optimize Microsoft AI and cloud products and services.