Azure Native Dynatrace Service provides the capability to deploy a Dynatrace resource directly on Azure for the purpose of monitoring your Azure workloads. This enables you to conveniently access and analyse logs and metrics via the Dynatrace portal. The product, launched in 2022, has seen tremendous success across organizations to get holistic Azure monitoring.

Working with Dynatrace, we have made it easier for customers to experience the innovative service with the launch of a new free 30-day trial plan available on Azure Marketplace. This enables customers to try out the Azure native service before committing in full. During the trial period a Dynatrace environment can be created using the Azure portal. You can enjoy integrated services like – log forwarding, metrics integration and OneAgent based monitoring. Before the free trial expires, you can seamlessly upgrade to a paid public plan or a private offer customized by Dynatrace for your organization.

The trial offers a risk-free opportunity to get exposure to the full set of capabilities available in Azure Native Dynatrace Service before you decide to make a purchase. Post trial period, you can upgrade and continue to leverage the infrastructure setup by your observability team. The following sections serve as a guide to creating your Dynatrace trial environment with Azure.

Subscribe to Free Trial

You can access the trial plan by finding Azure Native Dynatrace Service on the Azure portal or from within the Azure Marketplace. After subscribing to the free trial plan, you will enter the create experience. To make the create flow seamless for your organization, you can refer the documentation on the Free Trial.

plans listing

Create a new Dynatrace Environment

Creating a Dynatrace resource on Azure automatically provisions a 30-day free trial Dynatrace environment. Go through the create resource experience to complete the resource deployment.

Easy upgrade to paid plans & offers

With Azure Native Dynatrace Service trial subscription, you can upgrade to a paid plan or private offer through the portal experience. Users can click on ‘Upgrade to paid’ option in the overview section.

upgrade to a paid planupgrade to a paid plan

Suggest a Feature for the product team

We value customer feedback and plan feature suggestions into our roadmap. Let us know how we can improve the experience for Azure Native Dynatrace Service by requesting a feature on the Developer Community. Alternatively, you can utilize “suggest a feature” option available on the Azure portal.

Next Steps

Learn more about how to create, deploy, and manage a Dynatrace resource on Azure: