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Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has opened up new possibilities for automation, creativity, and innovation across different domains.

Enterprises are increasingly focused on leveraging generative AI to automate manual tasks, increase productivity, and improve user experience. Generative AI capabilities are also forcing enterprises to re-think and re-imagine the industry solutions they use today.

In this post, you will learn how Infosys is re-imagining its enterprise-ready solutions to take advantage of the generative AI capabilities and offerings available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Generative AI on AWS delivers flexible and secure ways to choose foundation models (FMs) while assuring data confidentiality and providing cost effective infrastructure scaled to train and run FMs containing billions of parameters.

Infosys is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and Managed Services Provider (MSP) that enables clients to outperform competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve. Infosys has collaborated with AWS to identify use cases and build solutions with generative AI services such as Amazon BedrockAmazon CodeWhispererAWS Trainium, AWS Inferentia, Amazon SageMaker JumpStart, and AWS HealthScribe.

Being an AI-first organization, Infosys has started integrating AWS generative AI capabilities with Infosys Topaz offerings, including Infosys Cortex, Infosys Personalized Smart Video (PSV), and Infosys Conversational AI Suite. Infosys is adopting generative AI across solutions like Infosys LEAP, Infosys Cyber Next, Infosys Data Services Suite (iDSS), and Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite (iEDPS).

Infosys Personalized Smart Video 

Infosys PSV is a highly scalable real-time video personalization platform, and Infosys is integrating it with Amazon Bedrock to make video-based communication dynamic, content rich, and more personalized.

Infosys is leveraging Amazon Bedrock to dynamically generate images and other content based on the context. This will significantly boost PSV’s capabilities in creating rich and high contextual videos. For instance, a summary report or financial key performance indicators (KPIs) can be quickly converted to a personalized video with generated images that truly reflect the data in the report.


Figure 1 – Infosys PSV solution overview.

The figure above shows a high-level overview of the PSV solution, which consists of a PSV player and PSV studio that creates picture frames stitched into videos. A PSV database and blob storage together store the contents created.

Amazon Polly offers the text-to-speech service needed, and AWS generative AI powered by Amazon Bedrock APIs provide the dynamic images that are generated by a trained and fine-tuned model.

Infosys Cortex

Agent and customer experience are getting a major boost due to generative AI. Even before a call lands on the agent’s desk, they can have access to powerful insights that help them handle the calls better and boost productivity.

While a call is in progress, transcripts can be analyzed in real-time to provide timely insights that help make the agent’s conversation more impactful. When the call ends, generative AI can help summarize and categorize the calls, which helps capture the customer’s conversation and improve the knowledge base.

Take, for example, the language neutralization capabilities in Infosys Cortex, an AI-driven customer engagement platform that transforms contact center operations through purposeful communication. Amazon Bedrock’s powerful language translation models help translate customer queries in a non-English language to English in real-time.

This helps overcome language barriers that contact centers face wherein they have to hire agents who can speak to customers in their preferred language. With the language neutralization approach, enterprises can equip agents to respond to customers in the language of their choice.

Infosys Cortex uses Amazon Bedrock models to sense, analyze, and generate insights from conversations that help provide necessary augmentations to make the agent’s conversation with the customer a lot more impactful.


Figure 2 – Infosys Cortex solution overview.

This figure shows a high-level overview of the Infosys Cortex solution. Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center service and provides the call center solution that ingests the customer’s voice into Cortex. It’s then received by a cortex agent and leverages AWS speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities.

AWS generative AI is used for language naturalization, and the Cortex agent can open up a chat window where the customer’s speech is presented translated into English. The agent uses generative AI to fetch the responses from a datastore and communicates back in English. Their response is then presented back to the customer in their own native language after translation.

Infosys Conversational AI Suite

Infosys Conversational AI Suite deals with accelerating development of conversational assistants like chatbots and virtual assistants). It brings in automation and integration across different phases of the lifecycle, such as prototyping, designing, testing, and analytical aspects. The suite helps enterprises to rapidly create, train, test, and deploy conversational AI interfaces by managing the conversational lifecycle end to end.

Integration with AWS generative AI services make the virtual assistants highly intelligent and interactive. This opens up new opportunities for a generative bot that can answer questions on multiple data sources, configure settings, and customize the way the bot responds for a billing or customer relationship management system, for example.

With AWS generative AI, such a bot can understand the user’s request, look through its library of actions, and identify the ones that can fulfill the request. It self-assembles and chains them together, and even generates questions for the user for any additional information it needs to complete the request.


Figure 3 – Infosys Conversation AI solution overview.

The figure above shows a high-level overview of the Infosys Conversation AI solution. An intelligent conversational assistant is integrated with AWS, where AWS Lambda functions leveraging AWS generative AI models are invoked.

Multiple Langchain agents and tools are used that derive/calculate appropriate responses, which are summarized or tweaked according to the prompts generated, and the responses are sent back to the assistant.

Similarly, in other Infosys internal platforms AWS generative AI is being applied to make them more agile, intelligent, integrated, and business outcome-driven, enabling enterprises realize the live enterprise vision.


Generative AI capabilities are challenging customers to rethink customer experience with innovative solutions. AWS generative AI services provide flexible and secure ways to access foundation models and build innovative solutions.

Infosys was an early adopter of AWS generative AI services and has been able to enhance its innovative solutions like PSV and Cortex to provide a better experience for customers and end users.

Learn how an Infosys generative AI solution built on Amazon Bedrock aims to reduce the expenditure on document search, analysis, interpretation, and management of an aircraft.


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Infosys is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and MSP that enables clients to outperform competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve.

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